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Hello, Earthling!

I'm Leszek, a human being, actively looking for meaning, order, and simplicity. I live in Warsaw, Poland (temporarily) with my über-awesome wife Natalia and our beautiful son Julian. I code, design and illustrate for $ and pleasure.

I was born in Poland, but I consider myself a World Citizen – my DNA ethnicity test results say I'm 39% East European, 24% Baltic, 21% Balkan, 12% English and 4% Scandinavian. Politically I'm into ecology, equality, and humanity. I'm also asocial on the verge of misanthropy and a decorated blood donor. I identify as nonbinary and don't care about pronouns. I'm polysexual. God is dead and religion is evil. I'm vegan and I believe the phrase Eternal Treblinka is very true. Sorry not sorry. I try to live a life of extreme calmness, especially in times when the depression consumes me.

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